Student Chapters




Congratulations to our past award winners!


Memorial bursaries

Frank Kloiber memorial bursary: Nusrat Nayan (University of Alberta) ($500)

Bob Becker memorial bursary: Natasha Garner (University of Calgary) ($500)


Environmental Challenge

1st place: Team ASH (University of Calgary) – Chengying Ai, Tianpei Shu and Qing Huang ($1000)

2nd place: Team P,B & K (Mount Royal University) – Philip Anderson, Brendan Maddin and Kevin Hayes ($500)


AWMA scholarships

Air Quality Research and Study award: Mohammad Feizbakhshan ($2000 US)

Masters Thesis award: Seyed Mojtaba Hashemi ($400 US)

Get engaged and involved

Networking is said to be 20 times more effective than any other mechanism for starting, succeeding in, and advancing your career.  Join a Student Chapter at your college or university and begin networking for your career.  Develop strong relationships with peers and meet and mingle with professionals from Academia, Big Industry, the consulting industry, and regulatory bodies.

The Canadian Prairie and Northern Section of the Air & Waste Management Association is a strong association of Industry, Consulting, and Government professionals that specialize in air and waste management as well as other types of environmental protection and monitoring.

Join CPANS and the Air & Waste Management Association as a student member for a mere $35 USD annually. Join a Student Chapter to get information on local events that are happening on campus. Compete in competitions and take advantage of opportunities to mix and mingle at monthly lunches, evening mixers, the annual conference and get connected with a professional mentor, all at free to reduced rates.

University of Alberta Student Chapter

Currently seeking eager students to recreate this student chapter.

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Zaher Hashisho and Dr. Scott Chang


The goal of this student chapter is to connect student members to environmental professionals while aiming to be accessible and relevant to students; provide student members with increased opportunities to exchange information; and, improve environmental knowledge. In doing so, the chapter hopes to provide students with unique opportunities that will help with future career goals.


University of Calgary Student Chapter

Currently seeking eager students to recreate this student chapter. If interested, please contact Safeer Nanji (

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Mujtaba Shareef and Dr. Hans Osthoff


The University of Calgary CPANS student chapter was founded in the interest of providing students with the opportunity to connect with professionals who are focused on the environmental issues surrounding air and waste management.  We are determined to help narrow the gap between students and their potential employers by providing a network with a strong foundation in environmental stewardship.  In this way we can help each other to create a clean and sustainable environment for future generations.

Mount Royal University Student Chapter

Student Executives:

Chair: Lauren Oishi

Vice Chair: Cole Manning

Secretary and Treasurer: Brianna Webb

Social Media, Outreach and Creative Design: Kaitlynn Bartlett

Faculty Advisor:

Gwen O’Sullivan


It is the goal of the MRU student chapter to facilitate interactions between industry professionals and students with a focus on air and waste management. Encouraging innovative environmental problem solving through critical thinking and interactive group activities, we will give insights into current air and waste management issues. Through these endeavours the chapter hopes to lay the framework for an environmentally sustainable future.

Contact: or


Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities are available through the Air & Waste Management Association.

The Frank Kloiber and Bob Becker memorial bursaries are also awarded by CPANS annually. The bursaries are typically awarded during the annual conference and AGM.

Start a Student Chapter

Starting a Student Chapter

If your institution doesn’t have a student chapter, get a group of friends/like-minded people together and start one with as little as ten of you.

  1. Gather the ten or more of you together.
  2. Download and complete the “Starting a Chapter” excel sheet. You’ll need to include all of your contact information and find a Faculty Advisor for the chapter at your institution.
  3. Collect $35 USD from each student.
  4. Have elections for a Chair and Treasurer/Secretary as a minimum. (You may wish to have a Vice-Chair and separate the Treasurer Secretary role if you have 20 or more members so as to spread the load and involve more members in leadership. Your Vice-Chair should assume the role of Chair in their second year and then pass the torch.)
  5. Be sure that you indicate who was elected.
  6. Have all students sign the spreadsheet and then scan it.
  7. Also download, edit the “Model Bylaws document” by replacing the red text as appropriate.
  8. Send both the electronically completed spreadsheet, the scanned one that has signatures, and the model bylaws document with a credit card number for payment of fees to
  9. Send a copy of all documentation to (without the credit card information).

For assistance with starting a student chapter at your institution, contact:

Travis Tokarek, CPANS Interim Director of Student Affairs, 587-580-8693,

Student Chapter Renewals

To renew your existing student chapter and it’s student’s memberships complete this spreadsheet annually and send it with your fees to  Be sure to send a copy of the documentation (without the credit card information) to