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2010-11-05_Albertas Cumulative Effects Management System686.1 KiB
2010-12-03_Ozone Air Quality Standards And Vegetation3.8 MiB
2010-12-10_UofC Carbon Capture And Storage4.4 MiB
2011-04-20_Waste Energy to Power Solution3.3 MiB
2011-05-18-ClimateChangeCuttingThroughtheRhetoric4.4 MiB
2011-06-15ThresholdversusAnnoyanceBased-Noise657.5 KiB
2011-09-21_CalgaryTransitandtheCalgaryTransportationPlan5.2 MiB
2011_UN Framework Convention on Climate Change_COP171.5 MiB
2012-0203_CCS Standards Protocols and Projects4.0 MiB
2012-03-02_Alberta Implementation Plan for Oil-Sands-Monitoring2.3 MiB
2012-09-07_Enbridge Northern Gateway Project1.5 MiB
2012-12-06_Overview of the Alberta Capital Airshed2.5 MiB
2012_GeothermalEnergyPotentialofCanada2.8 MiB
2012_NorthEastAnthonyHendayDriveProjectUpdate11.6 MiB
2013-01-04_The Edmonton Waste-to-Biofuel Facility12.6 MiB
2013-01-08_ERCBflare Update to the SourGas Screening Tool618.1 KiB
2013-05-03_CASA Odour Management Project Charter951.5 KiB
2013-09-11_REDA and the New Alberta Energy Regulator438.7 KiB
2013-10-04_Area Fugitive GHG Emissions Estimation in the Oil Sands1.1 MiB
2013-10-09_Prioritizing Integrity & Public Safety Decisions Using Risk-based Approaches1.3 MiB
2013_BlueSky Western Canada Smoke Forecasting System4.4 MiB
2013_Odour and Emissions Management_A Case Study892.5 KiB
2014-01-15_AERflare Rollout: Flare Air Dispersion Modelling Spreadsheet1.6 MiB
2014-02_Airdar: Air Detection and Ranging12.1 MiB
2014-04-14_A Change in Direction for Oil Sands Monitoring in AB2.5 MiB
2014-11-07_Designing Landfills_How Critical and Crucial is it?3.1 MiB
2014-12-05_Shell Quest CCS Project4.4 MiB
2014_EAMAS Emergency Air Monitoring and Assessment System9.4 MiB
2014_Odour-Management-at-the-Edmonton-Waste-Management-Centre3.2 MiB
2015-03-06_Indicator Trends for Canadian Climate Change6.6 MiB
2015-04-10_Heavy Oil, Odours and Your Health1.2 MiB
2015-12-04_Alberta GHG Regulations534.4 KiB
2016-04-01_Characterization of Indoor & Outdoor Sub-micron Particles in Edmonton Homes2.1 MiB
2016-05-03 CPANS AGM 2016 Minutes347.1 KiB
2017-02-10 Air Quality & Sources Affecting PM2.5 Levels6.0 MiB
2017-05-09 Alternative Approaches For Long Term Air Quality Data Analysis CPANS Conference1.5 MiB
2017-05-09 Assessing Ambient Air Quality For Human Health Risks CPANS Conference3.4 MiB
2017-05-09 BLIERS Update CPANS Conference201.4 KiB
2017-05-09 CO2 Emissions And Capture Effects In Global And Regional Ambient Concentrations3.7 MiB
2017-05-09 Emissions Regulations And Reductions Technology CPANS Conference592.5 KiB
2017-05-09 Enabling A Chemiluminescent Analyzer To Measure True NO22.5 MiB
2017-05-09 Ensuring Quality Of Air Emissions Data Using Good Engineering Practice1.6 MiB
2017-05-09 Evaluation Of Air Quality Indicators In AB CPANS Conference1.8 MiB
2017-05-09 Evaluation Of Options For Addressing Secondary PM2.5 And Ozone Formation1.1 MiB
2017-05-09 Impacts Of The Fort McMurray Fire On Concentrations Of PAHs, VOCs And Ozone2.9 MiB
2017-05-09 Legal Issues Around Emissions In AB CPANS Conference278.9 KiB
2017-05-09 Multi Sector Air Pollutant Regualtion CPANS Conference637.8 KiB
2017-05-09 Overview Of The CASA Project On Non-Point Air Emission Sources765.3 KiB
2017-05-09 Quantification Of Fugitive GHG Emissions At Oil Sands Mines By An Inverse Dispersion Modelling Approach2.7 MiB
2017-05-09 Scientific Standards And Data Quality CPANS Conference1.8 MiB
2018-05-09 An Evaluation Of Fort McMurrays Air Quality Prior To During And After The 2016 Horse River Wildfire2.7 MiB
2018-05-09 Are GHG Assessments Killing Pipelines1.5 MiB
2018-05-09 Case Studies From Alberta-Executing Profitable Methane Abatement Projects1.0 MiB
2018-05-09 Data Quality In Estimating Storage Tank Releases To Air In The Oil And Gas Sector1.3 MiB
2018-05-09 Greenhouse Gas Regulatory Presentation953.0 KiB
2018-05-09 Light-mediated Chemistry At The Surface Of Urban Road Dust-Implications For Air Quality And Health2.4 MiB
2018-05-09 Making The Match-Why Successful Climate Policy And Next Generation Innovation Depends On Current Technology2.1 MiB
2018-05-09 Oil And Gas Methane Emissions- Regulatory Risk Assessment And Methane Abatement Cost Pathways Evaluations821.0 KiB
2018-05-09 Oil And Gas Methane Emissions- Regulatory Risk Assessment And Methane Abatement Cost Pathways Evaluations821.0 KiB
2018-05-09 Optimization Of Air Quality Monitoring Network Using GIS Based Interpolation Techniques824.9 KiB
2018-05-09 PM2.5 Air Emissions Assessments-Challenges And Suggested Solutions2.3 MiB
2018-05-09 Preventing Production Tank Venting–A Transient Approach To The Design Of Production Storage Tank Control Systems3.3 MiB
2018-05-09 Proposed Changes To Federal Environmental Legislation Including The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act646.6 KiB
2018-05-09 Safely Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Sulphur Recovery Unit Incinerators In Alberta1.5 MiB
2018-05-09 Source Contribution Of Secondary PM2.5 In Central Alberta5.7 MiB
2019-02-20 Province-Wide Photochemical Modelling Of Ambient Air Quality With CMAQ2.0 MiB
2020-04-15 Hazardous Waste, Water Use and Dangerous Goods Environmental Compliance in the wake of COVID-191.2 MiB
2020-06-11 AERMOD White Paper Issues - Where are we in 2020?1.7 MiB
2020-07-08 AEP Draft Proposed AQMG Update877.7 KiB
2020-07-08 AEP Draft Proposed AQMG Update (Video)259.9 MiB
2020-10-21_Small Sensors to Augment Future Air Quality Services3.6 MiB
2020-11-25 Ethylene Oxide: An Emerging Air Quality Issue730.8 KiB
2020-11-25_Ethylene Oxide An Emerging Air Quality Issue (Video)109.3 MiB
2021-01-23 Wastewater/Water Conservation Video4.3 MiB
2021-09-23 Heatwave A Synoptic Breakdown Of The Extraordinary Heatwave On The Pacific Coast Of The US And Canada In June 202125.5 MiB
2021-09-23_Heatwave A Synoptic Breakdown Of The Extraordinary Heatwave On The Pacific Coast Of The US And Canada In June 2021-Video209.5 MiB
2021-10-28 2021 Alberta Air Quality Modelling Guideline1.7 MiB
2021-10-28 2021 Alberta Air Quality Modelling Guidelines23.3 MiB
Call For Nominations 2022172.0 KiB
Call-for-nominations-2023364.3 KiB
Conference And Exhibition Sponsorship CPANS 2023164.4 KiB
CPANS Intro To Air Quality Modelling 2023 Edmonton630.0 KiB
CPANS Intro To Air Quality Modelling 2023 Saskatchewan629.6 KiB
CPANS-AWMA-Chapter-and-Member-application-or-renewal15.9 KiB