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2010-11-05_Albertas Cumulative Effects Management System686.1 KiB
2010-12-03_Ozone Air Quality Standards And Vegetation3.8 MiB
2010-12-10_UofC Carbon Capture And Storage4.4 MiB
2011-04-20_Waste Energy to Power Solution3.3 MiB
2011-05-18-ClimateChangeCuttingThroughtheRhetoric4.4 MiB
2011-06-15ThresholdversusAnnoyanceBased-Noise657.5 KiB
2011-09-21_CalgaryTransitandtheCalgaryTransportationPlan5.2 MiB
2011_UN Framework Convention on Climate Change_COP171.5 MiB
2012-0203_CCS Standards Protocols and Projects4.0 MiB
2012-03-02_Alberta Implementation Plan for Oil-Sands-Monitoring2.3 MiB
2012-09-07_Enbridge Northern Gateway Project1.5 MiB
2012-12-06_Overview of the Alberta Capital Airshed2.5 MiB
2012_GeothermalEnergyPotentialofCanada2.8 MiB
2012_NorthEastAnthonyHendayDriveProjectUpdate11.6 MiB
2013-01-04_The Edmonton Waste-to-Biofuel Facility12.6 MiB
2013-01-08_ERCBflare Update to the SourGas Screening Tool618.1 KiB
2013-05-03_CASA Odour Management Project Charter951.5 KiB
2013-09-11_REDA and the New Alberta Energy Regulator438.7 KiB
2013-10-04_Area Fugitive GHG Emissions Estimation in the Oil Sands1.1 MiB
2013-10-09_Prioritizing Integrity & Public Safety Decisions Using Risk-based Approaches1.3 MiB
2013_BlueSky Western Canada Smoke Forecasting System4.4 MiB
2013_Odour and Emissions Management_A Case Study892.5 KiB
2014-01-15_AERflare Rollout: Flare Air Dispersion Modelling Spreadsheet1.6 MiB
2014-02_Airdar: Air Detection and Ranging12.1 MiB
2014-04-14_A Change in Direction for Oil Sands Monitoring in AB2.5 MiB
2014-11-07_Designing Landfills_How Critical and Crucial is it?3.1 MiB
2014-12-05_Shell Quest CCS Project4.4 MiB
2014_EAMAS Emergency Air Monitoring and Assessment System9.4 MiB
2014_Odour-Management-at-the-Edmonton-Waste-Management-Centre3.2 MiB
2015-03-06_Indicator Trends for Canadian Climate Change6.6 MiB
2015-04-10_Heavy Oil, Odours and Your Health1.2 MiB
2015-12-04_Alberta GHG Regulations534.4 KiB
2016-04-01_Characterization of Indoor & Outdoor Sub-micron Particles in Edmonton Homes2.1 MiB
2016-05-03 CPANS AGM 2016 Minutes347.1 KiB
2017-02-10 Air Quality & Sources Affecting PM2.5 Levels6.0 MiB
2017-05-09 Alternative Approaches For Long Term Air Quality Data Analysis CPANS Conference1.5 MiB
2017-05-09 Assessing Ambient Air Quality For Human Health Risks CPANS Conference3.4 MiB
2017-05-09 BLIERS Update CPANS Conference201.4 KiB
2017-05-09 CO2 Emissions And Capture Effects In Global And Regional Ambient Concentrations3.7 MiB
2017-05-09 Emissions Regulations And Reductions Technology CPANS Conference592.5 KiB
2017-05-09 Enabling A Chemiluminescent Analyzer To Measure True NO22.5 MiB
2017-05-09 Ensuring Quality Of Air Emissions Data Using Good Engineering Practice1.6 MiB
2017-05-09 Evaluation Of Air Quality Indicators In AB CPANS Conference1.8 MiB
2017-05-09 Evaluation Of Options For Addressing Secondary PM2.5 And Ozone Formation1.1 MiB
2017-05-09 Impacts Of The Fort McMurray Fire On Concentrations Of PAHs, VOCs And Ozone2.9 MiB
2017-05-09 Legal Issues Around Emissions In AB CPANS Conference278.9 KiB
2017-05-09 Multi Sector Air Pollutant Regualtion CPANS Conference637.8 KiB
2017-05-09 Overview Of The CASA Project On Non-Point Air Emission Sources765.3 KiB
2017-05-09 Quantification Of Fugitive GHG Emissions At Oil Sands Mines By An Inverse Dispersion Modelling Approach2.7 MiB
2017-05-09 Scientific Standards And Data Quality CPANS Conference1.8 MiB
2018-05-09 An Evaluation Of Fort McMurrays Air Quality Prior To During And After The 2016 Horse River Wildfire2.7 MiB
2018-05-09 Are GHG Assessments Killing Pipelines1.5 MiB
2018-05-09 Case Studies From Alberta-Executing Profitable Methane Abatement Projects1.0 MiB
2018-05-09 Data Quality In Estimating Storage Tank Releases To Air In The Oil And Gas Sector1.3 MiB
2018-05-09 Greenhouse Gas Regulatory Presentation953.0 KiB
2018-05-09 Light-mediated Chemistry At The Surface Of Urban Road Dust-Implications For Air Quality And Health2.4 MiB
2018-05-09 Making The Match-Why Successful Climate Policy And Next Generation Innovation Depends On Current Technology2.1 MiB
2018-05-09 Oil And Gas Methane Emissions- Regulatory Risk Assessment And Methane Abatement Cost Pathways Evaluations821.0 KiB
2018-05-09 Oil And Gas Methane Emissions- Regulatory Risk Assessment And Methane Abatement Cost Pathways Evaluations821.0 KiB
2018-05-09 Optimization Of Air Quality Monitoring Network Using GIS Based Interpolation Techniques824.9 KiB
2018-05-09 PM2.5 Air Emissions Assessments-Challenges And Suggested Solutions2.3 MiB
2018-05-09 Preventing Production Tank Venting–A Transient Approach To The Design Of Production Storage Tank Control Systems3.3 MiB
2018-05-09 Proposed Changes To Federal Environmental Legislation Including The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act646.6 KiB
2018-05-09 Safely Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Sulphur Recovery Unit Incinerators In Alberta1.5 MiB
2018-05-09 Source Contribution Of Secondary PM2.5 In Central Alberta5.7 MiB
2019-02-20 Province-Wide Photochemical Modelling Of Ambient Air Quality With CMAQ2.0 MiB
2020-04-15 Hazardous Waste, Water Use and Dangerous Goods Environmental Compliance in the wake of COVID-191.2 MiB
2020-06-11 AERMOD White Paper Issues - Where are we in 2020?1.7 MiB
2020-07-08 AEP Draft Proposed AQMG Update877.7 KiB
2020-07-08 AEP Draft Proposed AQMG Update (Video)259.9 MiB
2020-10-21_Small Sensors to Augment Future Air Quality Services3.6 MiB
2020-11-25 Ethylene Oxide: An Emerging Air Quality Issue730.8 KiB
2020-11-25_Ethylene Oxide An Emerging Air Quality Issue (Video)109.3 MiB
2021-01-23 Wastewater/Water Conservation Video4.3 MiB
2021-09-23 Heatwave A Synoptic Breakdown Of The Extraordinary Heatwave On The Pacific Coast Of The US And Canada In June 202125.5 MiB
2021-09-23_Heatwave A Synoptic Breakdown Of The Extraordinary Heatwave On The Pacific Coast Of The US And Canada In June 2021-Video209.5 MiB
2021-10-28 2021 Alberta Air Quality Modelling Guideline1.7 MiB
2021-10-28 2021 Alberta Air Quality Modelling Guidelines23.3 MiB
2023 Presentation: AERflare: A dispersion modelling tool with AI (Assumptions Included)2.5 MiB
2023 Presentation: Air Emissions Testing for PFAS: Methods, Procedures and Challenges3.2 MiB
2023 Presentation: Breaking down the 2021 CEMS Code2.4 MiB
2023 Presentation: Case study- calculating and Reporting on Biofuel Compliance Units under the Renewable Fuels Regulations2.4 MiB
2023 Presentation: Case study- Quantification of Fugitive Methane Emissions by Inverse Dispersion Modelling in the Oil Sands and Coal Mines4.9 MiB
2023 Presentation: Ensuring Compliance, Enhancing Safety and ESG Ratings through digital shipping documents1.8 MiB
2023 Presentation: Interpretation of Air Quality model results for Regulatory Applications in Alberta (draft)741.4 KiB
2023 Presentation: Investigating the impact of COVID-19 public health actions on NO2 levels in Alberta1.6 MiB
2023 Presentation: Multi-level techno-economic analysis model for the identification of optimal emissions mitigation strategies2.9 MiB
2023 Presentation: Quantifying Emissions from a Small Oil Sands Demonstration Pit Lake using OP-FTIR Measurements coupled with Vertical Radial Plume Mapping1.3 MiB
2023 Presentation: The GHG and Air Policy Landscape of the Electricity in Alberta1.8 MiB
2023Program383.5 KiB
AAC 20143.5 KiB
Call For Nominations 2022172.0 KiB
Call-for-nominations-2023364.3 KiB
Conference And Exhibition Sponsorship CPANS 2023164.4 KiB
CPANS 09 26 Lunch And Learn5.0 MiB
CPANS Intro To Air Quality Modelling 2023 Edmonton630.0 KiB
CPANS Intro To Air Quality Modelling 2023 Saskatchewan629.6 KiB
CPANS Newsletter June 2024574.4 KiB
CPANS Newsletter Nov 2023501.7 KiB
CPANS-AWMA-Chapter-and-Member-application-or-renewal15.9 KiB
Hydrogen Overview - 2023101119.7 MiB
Industry Poster116.6 KiB